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 SK Solutions is an independent immigration and recruiting service company founded in 2007, located in Calgary, AB. We specialize in managing permanent residency and work permit processes on your behalf, as well as work with local employers who are searching to sponsor and hire skilled foreign workers. SK Solutions possesses incomparable case success rates in even the most challenging situations, and concrete experience of nearly 2000 cases.

Our vision is to open people to an exciting opportunity of working and living in one of the wealthiest and economically rich countries in the world. The foundation of a successful case starts with reliability; our cases are fully handled with respect and care by a team of experienced immigration agents, an ICCRC immigration specialized consultant, an ATIT certified translator, an Albertan Notary Public, and a fully licensed recruiting service department which has a $25,000 surety through Service Alberta by the Fair Trading Act to recruit employees outside of Canada.

Our services are tailored to each individual case’s immigration requirements and personal situations, and we submit each client’s document with pride and confidence.

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  • Suite 303, 6707 Elbow Dr. SW Calgary, AB T2V 0E5  |  
  • (403)450-2228~9  |  
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