TitleHow can I check if my application has been received?2016-07-25 10:23:28
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If we begin to process your application, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt letter or email with an application number.

We do not send an acknowledgement of receipt until we have opened your application and checked that it is complete. There may be a delay between the date we receive your application and the date we open it.

Your application will be returned to you if:

  • it is incomplete,
  • fees are missing, or
  • it is received after a program is paused, closed or a cap is reached.

Tips to track your application

If you mail your application: use a courier service that requires a signature when delivered. This gives you a delivery confirmation and allows you to track your package.

For some paper applications, you can get detailed application status and your messages online. You can do this by linking an application to an online account.

If you apply at a Visa Application Centre: VACs offer tracking services that tell you when your application has been received at our offices.

If you apply online: You will see a confirmation page after you submit your application. You will also receive an email asking you to check your account. A confirmation message with a confirmation number will be in your account. Keep your confirmation number for your records. Please note that it may take a few hours for you to receive an email from IRCC after you’ve submitted your application.

For more information, see all questions on: Checking your case status online.