1. Basic Will
2. Will package (Basic Will with Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney)
3. Basic Will for Couple
4. Basic Will with Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney for Couple
5. Probate of Will (not including government probate fees)
6. Marriage Contract (Prenuptial Agreement) or Cohabitation Agreement
7. Uncontested Divorce with Separation Agreement
8. Separation Agreement
9. Business Incorporations Alberta Provincial incorporation
10. Canadian Federal incorporation
11. Basic Shareholder’s Agreement
12. Affidavits for documents required, Contracts and agreements, Personal property security agreements
13. Letters of invitation for foreign travel, Authorizations of minor child travel, Statutory declarations
14. Proof of identity for travel purposes, Insurance loss declarations, Passport application documentation
15. Certifications of true copies of documents, Execution and authentications of international documents
Index Rate Price
1st Notarization/Commission/Exhibits per document $ 38.00
Subsequent Documents per page $ 10.00
2nd Notarization per document $ 19.00
Translation per page $ 30.00+@ (Will be determined after a review)