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Rehabilitation and Legal Services


Rehabilitation, traffic charges, injury, litigation, wills

Visas may be refused for various reasons, ranging from economic refusals to medical inadmissibility. The most common occurrences are inadmissibility due to past criminal records, compliance issues, and misrepresentation cases. SK IMMIGRATION & LAW has extensive experience with complex inadmissibility cases dealing with multiple criminal record, as well as non-compliance cases and probability of overstay.

When an application is refused, an appellant has the option of applying for an appeal through the Immigration appeal division (IAD), usually within 30 days of the rejection notice or removal order. Should a client choose to appeal a case, a certified member of the ICCRC is prepared to represent you as your counsel at our practice. If an appeal is refused at the IAD level, the appellant may take the case to the Federal Court of Canada. In such cases, clients may seek legal advice from Timothy J. Dunlap on behalf of SK IMMIGRATION & LAW, a leading criminal defence lawyer based in Alberta with over 26 years of experience.


Translation / Notary Services


Wills, marriage / common law agreements, separation agreements, provincial and federal cooperation registration / translation / notary public

Before documents can be legalized by the Canadian government, they must be notarized or certified. A notarized document carries an authenticated signature of a notary public witnessing the signature, accompanied by a notary seal. A notary public ensures that all signatories understand the contents of the agreement and verifies the validity of the original documents where a notarial copy is requested.

Only certified Notary Public, Lawyers, Judges, Members of parliament, Members of the legislative assembly and senators may notarize documents in Alberta.

We offer a full range of Notary Public services at SK IMMIGRATION & LAW, including administration of statutory declarations, affidavits, oaths and affirmations.